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Marcus Hiles Donates 3,000 Backpacks To Students

One of Texas’ most successful business leaders is using his position to take a stand for disadvantaged children. Marcus Hiles, the CEO of Western Rim Property Services, continues to advocate for every student’s right to receive the highest quality of education, despite his…


2500 Trees Planted Each Year By Marcus Hiles

Western Rim’s eco-friendly programs deliver natural resources to both the residents and indigenous wildlife of the communities they serve with lasting results. The annual plantings can remove roughly 75 tons of carbon dioxide annually, while generating enough oxygen to sustain over 6,000 people.…


Acres For Parks Donated by Dallas Developer Marcus Hiles

Sustainability, environmental stewardship, and a healthy lifestyle. What comes to mind when you think of these topics? They are all important components of open green areas in any neighborhood. As a developer of residential communities in the Dallas area, Marcus Hiles is honored…