As Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles promotes communities with resort-style facilities to Dallas renters as cost-effective housing options. “It’s time to step out from that confined boxy apartment complex and stay in an environment that will provide the lifestyle you dream of,” he mentions. Hiles tells aspiring renters that the services and facilities available should meet their preferences. Animal owners’ properties of choice must come with handy waste stations, private off-leash dog park, and be close to pet-care related service centers. “Developments that have on-site parks, children playgrounds, recreational areas and an excellent school district are perfect for families,” Hiles claims. Likewise, communities with amazing golf course landscapes and golf incentives should be the new home of passionate golfers. On the other hand, physically active individuals should find jogging trails, innovative fitness gyms, and on-call personal trainers in their selected properties.

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