During the planning and building process, it’s the task of Marcus Hiles to expertly determine how various building features and materials contribute to energy loss. He implements strategic placements of windows that improve the orientation and materials of a housing development to regulate the indoor temperature regardless of the climate in Texas. Minimal loss of heated air and cooled air inside the house is attained if the property is composed of anti-air leakage frames, windows with the ideal solar coefficient, and shading devices. As a result, more costs are saved and more carbon emissions are reduced. Hiles introduces the use of radiant roof panels since they prevent the sun’s heat from directly transferring through the roof and into air ducts, resulting to a 5-10% reduction in cooling costs. Another energy saving technique used by Hiles is installing air conditioning systems that have a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) than what the government has ordered. With this, more carbon are reduced and residents in Western Rim Property Services communities save energy with a monetary equivalent of over $420,000.

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