Marcus Hiles is a real-estate giant. Texan by birth, he has been instrumental in developing a new type of living community. His company, Western Rim Property, now has over 25,000 thousand apartments in its portfolio, many of which are part of a larger community of housing complexes which offer the residents remarkable facilities. His commitment to developing eco-friendly housing projects – as well as developing local economies – has proved inspirational to many in the area. And this has attracted a large group of admirers eager to participate in one of their projects.

Indeed, although there are still many professional workers seeking their fortunes in big cities, the rapid development of housing estates in the countryside has provided a very real opportunity to those looking to escape from the stress of a pressured urban environment to the tranquil surroundings of nature. The northern areas of Texas have seen a remarkable growth in urban development over the past couple of years. With their stylish and chic urban design, environmentally-friendly design, and surroundings of great natural beauty- not to mention the numerous facilities on offer in these communities- many have chosen to live here, from young urban professionals to aspirational families. The ‘Business Plan of Western Rim Properties’, by Marcus Hiles, explains the rationale behind these exciting developments.

And what more do these complexes have to offer? One of the most noticeable attractions of these exciting new communities is the beautiful areas of green space which surround them. They offer state of the art contemporary urban design in a natural environment, to many offering the perfect combination of two worlds. The facilities on hand are numerous, from thriving high-tech health centers, wifi zones, community clubhouses and swimming pools. This area of North Texas is also highly-regarded as being a place which caters for all hobbies, interests and tastes. From world famous sports teams to globally renowned music venues, there really is something for everyone in this part of the world.

It is no wonder then that Marcus Hiles has been the subject of numerous articles. The demand to relocate to such attractive areas of natural beauty in Texas has increased the demand for these projects, and has ensured that the Marcus Hileswill remain busy in supporting the local community by bringing such economic prosperity to the region. A good way to discover further information would be to take a view at, ‘Marcus Hiles – A Closer Look, on